All’s Quiet on the Northern Front

9 12 2009

The World Meteorological Organisation has claimed that the ‘Noughties’  has been the hottest decade on record. Secretary General Michel Jarraud:

 The decade 2000-2009 is very likely to be the warmest on record. So, in other words, this decade is going to be warmer than the 1990s, which itself was warmer than the 1980s and so on. So it is likely to be the warmest on record.

An article by John Harris from last week on some of the key players at Copenhagen introduces a few faces we are likely to be seeing a lot of in the coming days, weeks and months.

The Telegraph provides a run-down of the political and diplomatic blocs expected to work together at Copenhagen and beyond. These “formal and informal clusters” consist of groups such as OPEC, the EU and the Rainforest Coalition. Read in full here.

I knew we hadn’t seen the last of the melting Polar Bear. London is set to join Copenhagen with its very own bear melt. I promise to take a trip over to Trafalgar Square on Friday to take a few snaps. Watch this space.


What I’m reading…

8 12 2009

The story of last week that continues to cast a cloud over the summit. No, not email-gate. I’m talking about ‘the world’s pre-eminent climate scientist’, James Hansen. In an interview with the Guardian, Hansen said that any agreement likely to emerge from Copenhagen would be flawed.

I would rather it not happen if people accept that as being the right track because it’s a disaster track…The whole approach is so fundamentally wrong that it is better to reassess the situation. If it is going to be the Kyoto-type thing then [people] will spend years trying to determine exactly what that means…This is analagous to the issue of slavery faced by Abraham Lincoln or the issue of Nazism faced by Winston Churchill….On those kind of issues you cannot compromise. You can’t say let’s reduce slavery, let’s find a compromise and reduce it 50% or reduce it 40%.

I’m also interested by what Rajendra Pachauri, chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), is saying about ‘grass-roots’ climate activism. See here to find out.

Oh, I’m also navigating my way around the Hopenhagen website. It’s hosting different blogs for the duration of the summit.

US acts to regulate emissions

8 12 2009

The US Environmental Protection Agency has by-passed Congress and given the Obama administration a mandate to regulate greenhouse gas emissions. The decision to use regulation rather than legislation is a controversial one. The Bill was not expected to be debated until at least 2010 and was widely denounced by the Republicans and big business.

Daniel Weiss, of the Center for American Progress, said of the decision: ‘It’s not coincidental that it is happening on the eve of the Copenhagen meeting…. Many of the nations who have already taken steps believe that the US has not done enough, but they can no longer say this is the case.’ Source: Financial Times

Copenhagen: Day One

7 12 2009

A NYTimes summary of the first day at Copenhagen. The video link is worth a view too.

Polar bear made from ice begins to melt in Copenhagen – the first of many stunts? Will keep you updated.

UN adopts A Hard Rain’s A Gonna Fall as unofficial summit anthem.

56 Newspapers, One Voice

6 12 2009


A comprehensive list of the 56 newspapers participating in the special edition Copenhagen summit editorial can be viewed here.

More coverage of the ‘flat-earthers’

6 12 2009

Despite the recent furore over leaked Climate Research Unit emails at the University of East Anglia, a New Scientist article asserts there is no climate conspiracy

Gordon Brown likens climate-change sceptics to ‘flat-earthers’ and denounces their contributions to the debate as ‘anti-science’. (Daily Telegraph)

The BBC lists the top 10 most popular arguments made by climate sceptics here.

Fraser Nelson: smooth operator

5 12 2009

Fraser Nelson: shiny new editor of The Spectator magazine; News of the World columinist; and champion of the increasingly outlandish climate change denial lobby in the UK is a sensitive soul. Many times I have seen him apparently on the verge of tears as he tries to defend his populist ‘common-sense’ view of the world against greater intellect and substance.

Yesterday I happened to turn on Sky News just as Nelson was midway through his usual spiel about the great climate change conspiracy. I happened to think that Nelson, as per usual, came across as ever-so-slightly smug and condescending. However, it would seem that Nelson regarded this latest media appearance as a triumph. You can watch the debate in full, courtesy of Mr Nelson/Youtube, here.

As for Bob Ward…no comment.