Information Overload?

4 12 2009

Apologies for the prolonged absence from blogging. You’d be right to consider it an odd time not to blog – publicity and hype around the Copenhagen talks have reached fever pitch and there is a new media frenzy over the breakdown of the so-called ‘climate consensus’.

However I think many people, and i am certainly no exception, have been bamboozled by the mainstream press, tv and online coverage of Copenhagen. Every time I have felt the urge to blog or flag up an issue with a link, a new story emerges to contradict, undermine or belittle its initital relevance. What is the front page headline of a national newspaper one morning is scrutinised, dissected and then thrown away by lunch-time. Is this 24hr/rolling news at its best? I tend to be sceptical. Yes, knowledge = power. But information overload means that important stories and opinions are being erased from public view almost as soon as they are released.

Anyway, 3 days to go. I shall do my best to keep tabs on how things progress and how Copenhagen is reported across different media outlets.





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