(Easter) Sunday Seven

4 04 2010

ABC’s Clive Hamilton on the report by the Science and Technology Committee in the British House of Commons into ‘climategate’. Hamilton concludes that there was:

[N]o conspiracy, no collusion, no manipulation of data, no corruption of the peer-review process, no scandal; just an understandable reluctance to hand over data to dishonest people with a history of misrepresenting it.

Squibs don’t get much damper than “Climategate”. The most worrying aspect of the drama was the way in which most of the media ditched any attempt at assessing the claims and became caught up in the frenzy, when a couple of hours spent reading the emails and talking to one of two of those involved would have made the conclusions of the House of Commons inquiry entirely predictable.

New York Times – victory for clean water campaigners in NY state.

Treehugger – on the new cooperation between Beijing and the White House over clean energy.

Huffington Post – How Green is Apple’s iPad?

The Times – on the Tories and “eco-caviar”.

The Observer – on why despite selling to Unilever in 2000, Ben and Jerry are still fair trade poster boys.

Fast Company – on McDonald’s and the great April Fools Day joke. This story, as some in the media like to say, ‘has legs’.

‘Met Office recalls spring’

1 04 2010

The northern British Isles have been hit by snow and gale-force winds over the past 48 hours. Yet more evidence of global weirding?

According to NewsBiscuit:

Following consultation with the police and motoring organisations, the Met Office has decided to take the unprecedented step of recalling this year’s spring…