Historic Green Victory

7 05 2010

The Green Party has won its first ever Westminster seat. Caroline Lucas, who will represent the Brighton Pavilion constituency, beat her closest rivals by a margin of more than 1,000. It is a first in UK electoral history and represents a real breakthrough for green politics.


Channel 4 profiles the UK’s first Green MP.

At Open Democracy the Green councillor, Dr Rupert Read, is unsuprisingly upbeat about the future of his party.

And an article in the Guardian asks ‘what next’ for the Greens?

Green Party

15 04 2010

epolitix – reports that Green Party leader, Caroline Lucas, is calling for a “Green New Deal”.

letsrecycle – welcomes the Green Party pledge to double spending on recycling and waste management.

BBC – provides an at-a-glance review of the Green Party manifesto.

Myles Allen -on why he wont be voting Green.

The Telegraph – on why many of their readers (you would presume) will not be voting Green either.

Green 5

18 03 2010

The Nissan Leaf electric car is set to be built in the north east of England. Not only is this a further boost to the British car industry, which announced an increase in productivity this month by nearly 60%, but it will secure the UK’s position as a centre for producing low carbon vehicles. BBC News.

Not sure what to make of the new ‘Razor’ tower block in London. Designers have claimed it will generate 8% of its energy needs via its built-in rooftop turbines. Click here for images of the Guardian’s seven best green skyscrapers.

Ahead of the UK budget next week, Joss Garman of Left Foot Forward argues the case for a Green New Deal.

There is a short interview in LFF with Caroline Lucas, Green Party MEP, on the banned climate change ads saga.

Ian McEwan’s timely novel, Solar, which centres on a middle-aged climate scientist comes under fire from the Independent. No doubt it will be adpated for the big screen soon enough!