“Ee by gum, it’s parky out”

14 05 2010

UKPA – David Cameron has promised to make the coalition the “greenest government ever”. Speaking to the Department for Energy and  Climate Change (DECC), Cameron announced:

The three things I would pick out are first of all the green economy; we’ve got a real opportunity to drive the green economy, green jobs, green growth and make sure we have our share of the industries of the future. Clearly there’s the climate change agenda where we have got to get back on track both nationally and internationally, and third there is the issue of energy security which I think is vitally important and I think we need to do a huge amount of work on.

New Energy Focus – looks at the latest additions to the DECC.

The Mirror – reckons that in the UK we spend six months of our lives talking about the weather!

Red/Blue battle for Green votes

13 04 2010

A mixed reception to Labour’s election manifesto. One major shift in policy can be seen in a chapter focused exclusively on Green Growth which asserts:

Only active governments can shape markets to prioritise green growth and job creation. Environmental sustainability cannot be left to individuals and businesses acting alone.

Meanwhile the Conservative Party has outlined its vision to make Britain the world’s first low carbon economy. New Energy Focus reviews the Tory pledges.

Will Straw questions just how “green” David Cameron’s party really is.