Green Party

15 04 2010

epolitix – reports that Green Party leader, Caroline Lucas, is calling for a “Green New Deal”.

letsrecycle – welcomes the Green Party pledge to double spending on recycling and waste management.

BBC – provides an at-a-glance review of the Green Party manifesto.

Myles Allen -on why he wont be voting Green.

The Telegraph – on why many of their readers (you would presume) will not be voting Green either.

Green 5

18 03 2010

The Nissan Leaf electric car is set to be built in the north east of England. Not only is this a further boost to the British car industry, which announced an increase in productivity this month by nearly 60%, but it will secure the UK’s position as a centre for producing low carbon vehicles. BBC News.

Not sure what to make of the new ‘Razor’ tower block in London. Designers have claimed it will generate 8% of its energy needs via its built-in rooftop turbines. Click here for images of the Guardian’s seven best green skyscrapers.

Ahead of the UK budget next week, Joss Garman of Left Foot Forward argues the case for a Green New Deal.

There is a short interview in LFF with Caroline Lucas, Green Party MEP, on the banned climate change ads saga.

Ian McEwan’s timely novel, Solar, which centres on a middle-aged climate scientist comes under fire from the Independent. No doubt it will be adpated for the big screen soon enough!